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About Us

I have been a volunteer legal guardian since 2007.  I saw a need for volunteer legal guardians in Racine County and decided to answer the calling.  I have my state's limit of wards for volunteering so I decided to start my own legal guardian business.  I do not have to be your guardian in order to help you.

When an individual is determined to be incompetent and in need of a guardian, A Guardian's Touch, Inc. (AGT) will be there to advocate for the ward's best interest and secure the necessary care or service to ensure each person's quality of life is maintained to the highest possible standard.  I also offer to be a Conservator.  Conservatorship is set up with the voluntary petition of the person seeking the financial assistance of another. The Conservator has all of the same duties and responsibilities to the Ward as the Guardian of the Estate.

I learn about the ward's past and current family, social, and medical history so I can make the best decisions possible on their behalf.

Family and friends are an important part of anyone's life.  I ensure family and friends stay involved unless there is a concern for the welfare and safety of the ward.

I provide my wards my best service possible.  I have contact with all of my wards and try to be available when they, families, or living facilities need to call.

Do you have a pet?  I will work with a pet rescue group to ensure that your pet goes to a good home.

Licensed in Wisconsin by the DHS and regulated by the DQA

Serving Racine and Kenosha counties

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